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Discover the Skies with Hapy Aviation’s Paramotor Training

Have you ever dreamed of soaring through the sky, feeling the wind on your face and the thrill of flight coursing through your veins? With paramotoring, that dream can become your reality. Hapy Aviation invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of personal aviation. No licenses, no registrations — just quality training and a burning desire to take flight.

Experience the Freedom of the Skies:
Paramotoring offers an unmatched sense of freedom and affordability in the realm of personal aviation. Our specialized training equips you with the skills to pilot your own adventure. By harnessing lightweight engines and efficient paragliders, anyone can learn to fly. Hapy Aviation makes it accessible to all, providing the gateway to a world of aerial exploration.

Your Path to the Indian Sky:
Hapy Aviation is your partner in making your aviation dreams come true. Our comprehensive training program is designed to guide you through every step of becoming a proficient paramotor pilot. In a mere 25 days, you can complete your training and be ready to conquer the open skies.

What’s Included:

Tandem Theory: Gain insights into the principles of flight and the mechanics of paramotoring.
Basic Theory: Delve into the fundamentals of aviation, understanding aerodynamics, meteorology, and navigation.
Engine Maintenance: Learn to care for your equipment, ensuring optimal performance and safety.
Airspace Knowledge: Navigate the skies with confidence, understanding airspace regulations and protocols.
Ground Handling: Master the art of controlling your paraglider on the ground, a crucial skill for safe take-offs and landings.
Take Off and Landing Directions: Learn the techniques for smooth and controlled takeoffs and landings.
Torque Effects: Learn the mechanics of torque and how to manage it during flight.
Stalls and Spins: Gain the skills to recover from stalls and spins, ensuring your safety in unpredictable situations.
Checklists: Establish a systematic approach to pre-flight and post-flight checks for a secure journey.
Solo and Tandem Flying: Progress from tandem flights to solo flights under the guidance of our experienced instructors.

Make Your Skyward Journey with Hapy Aviation:
No matter your background or experience level, Hapy Aviation is dedicated to making your aviation dreams a reality. Experience the thrill of flying, explore the world from a new perspective, and become a confident paramotor pilot in just 25 days. Unlock the Indian sky with Hapy Aviation, where training meets adventure.

  • Highlights
  • Professional paramotoring instructors with extensive flight experience.
    Practical flight training tailored to your skill level and goals.
    Comprehensive guidance on potential income avenues through paramotoring.


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