“Making Memories in the Sky: Capturing the Essence of Aerosports

Making Memories in the sky

‘Explore the skies and get high on life with Aerosports’. Wow, it sounds so amazing! Have you ever experienced the magnificent mountains, rocky peaks, and serene beaches from above? Mother Earth is mysterious in several ways and the most magnificent and clear location can be viewed from the top! A thrilling air journey will explain the aero sports adventure. You will absolutely have a different visual experience with captivating backdrops.

High-flying Adventures is in Store for you

Every person in his or her life must have dreamt of flying like a bird! However, aero-sport activities like paramotoring, paragliding, skydiving, joy riding, and hot air balloons give wings to your vision. These activities are gaining immense popularity in India and it holds a special attraction for the ones who wish to experience the bliss of flying and witnessing breathtaking views.

India offers outstanding locations for all kinds of adventure experiences. As per the Civil Aviation Ministry, our country is going to be the topmost destination for aero-sports globally by the year 2030. The promotion of these sports is being done so that India develops as a global hub for aero sports with the best safety measures.

 The desire to fly high prowling inside us and the thrill-seeking aero sports fulfill our wish now! Basically, it is a vent where you can enjoy a slide through paradise. Do not miss the opportunity to ascend above the clouds and view the picturesque beauty of your country without wings. Several places in India are apt for these activities.

Now, let us brief you about these adventurous experiences that you may wish to do:


‘Powered Paragliding’ is a fast-developing aerosport that will bring forth the dream of personal flight.
Embrace Personal Flight with Powered Paragliding – An Evolving Aerosport Adventure

Also known as ‘Powered Paragliding’ is a fast-developing aerosport that will bring forth the dream of personal flight. Basically, it is an advancement of paragliding. In this sport, the pilot glides a motor on its back that offers sufficient thrust to take off while using a modified paramotor wing. It requires pretty nice weather conditions to have a safe and enjoyable flight. When you fly high, the sky becomes the playground to enjoy the freedom and endless opportunities of life.


This recreational flying sport is all about a thrilling adventure in simple form. No doubt, this sport sets free the adventurer in you and enables you to take pleasure in spectacular views of the surroundings. Along with the beauty, the adrenaline rush that you go through is matchless. The combination of artificial wings and high elevation makes the experience of soaring above unparalleled.


Experience the Thrill of a Lifetime, Skydiving in India Awaits
Experience the Thrill of a Lifetime, Skydiving in India Awaits

This thrill-seeking adventurous aero-sport is on every individual’s bucket list. Now, you do not need to wait for your dreams of skydiving as you get a chance to experience it in India. While skydiving, you will definitely be treated to fantastic views from above. New heights of fun and adventure wait for you! So, go ahead and take a leap of faith while skydiving in India.

Hot Air Ballooning:

A hot air balloon comprises a pilot riding the wicker basket that is attached to the huge balloon of rip-stop nylon. This ride has a burner and is placed in between the basket and balloon. The unforgettable experience of waving goodbye as and when you move up is just WOW! You will be talking about this airborne adventure for many years to come. 

Joy Ride:

Embark on the definitive adventure of joy ride. This activity comprises a helicopter ride. You can have an experience of exhilaration when you sit inside the helicopter and soar like a bird. As and when you ascend higher, the world beneath transforms into a gripping tapestry of wonder.

Hang Gliding:

Soar to New Heights,Hang Gliding's Unforgettable Aerial Adventure</a>
Soar to New Heights,Hang Gliding’s Unforgettable Aerial Adventure

Hang gliding, a simple aerosport is very much similar to paragliding. This entertaining sport comprises a less expensive craft made up of aluminum and composite frame fabric wing. The main objective is to stay high in uplifting currents of air and have an experience like never before. 

Microlight Flights:

Flying a real plane with fixed wings and an engine as a pilot is the dream many of us had as a child. Now you can fulfill that dream in a microlight aircraft. This aircraft carries only two people and it flies for around 10 mins, covers a distance of 20 KM and goes to a height of around 1000 ft. You can get a few tips from your captain before the flight and during the flight. Take off and landing happens from a small runway. The cost of this is less than Rs 5000 depending on the city and the aircraft. You can add a few goodies like a professional photographer and detailed instructions regarding the flight path, weather conditions and other aircrafts near you. 

Aeromodelling :

Owning an aircraft is good fun however small it may be. Aero models are remote controlled and you can buy them online and from retail stores near you. Price starts from Rs 1000 for small battery operated planes. But for the real experience we strongly recommend planes that cost close to Rs 10,000. These will be larger and will have a much better control. You can also buy more expensive kits made of lightweight wood with small petrol engines. These can be painted as per your liking. Every city of India has aeromodelling clubs that meet on Saturday or Sunday and fly their air crafts. Many engineering colleges also have aeromodelling clubs.

So, now we are aware of most of the aero-sports available in India. You can embark on the extraordinary experience of aero-sport activities and immerse yourself in the amazing world that lies underneath you. Witness Earth’s natural beauty and leave an indelible mark in your heart. Every moment up in the sky will be like a testament to your spirit’s thirst for adventure.

Aerosports: Fly with Courage

‘Relieve stress and get an adrenaline rush with aero sports activities’. Have a look at the lush meadows and ice-covered mountains from atop. This alluring sight will make your aerial adventure one-of-a-kind. Do you know that these are once-in-a-lifetime experiences? Do not miss the chance to experience these activities.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, then Hapy Aviation has a lot of activities to offer. You will have an extraordinary flying experience with us! We are relentlessly striving to widen the aero-sport activities and make the world a different place to live in. Not just this, we also offer a platform to train top-notch pilots and make a noteworthy contribution to the Aviation Industry.

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