Glide, Soar, or Sail? Exploring Hang Gliding, Paragliding, and Parasailing

Glide, Soar, or Sail? Exploring Hang Gliding, Paragliding, and Parasailing

Sail in the sky and discover the beautiful world below! Are you ready for it? Just go and experience the thrill of flying like a bird. There are three options that come to mind: hand gliding, paragliding, and parasailing. In this blog, let us discuss these exciting adventures in detail! 

Adventure sports give an aerial view of the world! Let us understand paragliding, hang gliding, and parasailing and know the differences between these adventures. Have you planned any of these exciting adventures for your next holiday? Surely, it will leave you with a spanking appreciation for the beauty of nature.

Hang gliding has you hanging underneath the wing on your belly.
Hang gliding has you hanging underneath the wing on your belly.

What is the difference between Paragliding and Parasailing?

While paragliding is done on hillsides and mountains, one must perform parasailing at the open sea or inside a lake.

With parasailing, you’re affixed to a boat or winch that manages your altitude. In comparison to paragliding, this flight form is much more liberal, as pilots use the air circulations of nature to rise.

You are dipping into the water while parasailing; in Paragliding, you will be completely dry but airborne all during your flight.

Paragliding is done on hillsides and mountains.
Paragliding is done on hillsides and mountains,

Types of Parasailing

Time to explore a new adventure: parasailing. There are three types of parasailing based on towing equipment, each offering a distinct experience:

Winch Boat Parasailing: A motorized winch controls the elevation of Winch Boat Parasailing’s specialized craft. It is conducted at shore-based stations and aboard ships.

Beach Parasailing: Beach parasailing is where you can start and end on the beach (no boat is required). The wind pushes the parasailor off to the side and onto the shore below.

Platform Parasailing: Platform parasailing takes off and lands from a platform either on boats or floating platforms. There is a rope/cable and pulley mechanism for up or down movements.

Is there a difference between Hang Gliding and Paragliding?

Both hang gliding and paragliding provide people with amazing opportunities to feel like birds in the sky. However, there are different elements that will differentiate each activity.

What hang gliders do is have an aluminum or fiberglass framed plane with a V-shaped wing, where the pilot lays on their stomach in the middle of the wing. At take-off, they can plummet down hills, be pulled by a car or truck, and then fall onto landing pads (if fitted) with their legs or wheels hitting the ground. The pilot controls in-flight with a shift of body weight to the direction they desire.

On the other hand, paraglides employ a soft, non-stiffening wing, and riders sit underneath a harness. The start of launching is usually jumping from hills, or cliffs with the help of winches (if needed) and landing on their feet. Control in a paraglide is achieved by varying the tension of the control lines used to adjust direction; it presents an alternative “control” feel. The gear is much easier to travel with as it can fold up into a backpack, and flights (if any for the season) are shorter than hang gliding. Because the skill of paragliding is learned much faster, many people think it’s easier for beginners.

Amazing opportunities to feel like birds in the sky.
Amazing opportunities to feel like birds in the sky.

Paragliding places in India:

After reading all the differences, if you are interested in Paragliding then here are some top paragliding recommendations for you:

Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh: It is called the paragliding capital of India, where you have wide-open views of the snow-capped Himalayas and the valley. It’s the playground of paragliders who want to enjoy both sight and excitement.

Kamshet, Maharashtra: It’s one of the paragliding places near Pune and Mumbai, which takes just a few hours to reach. Your paragliding experience is embellished with the panorama of the Western Ghats in the background.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh: Not just famous for its landscapes, this wonderful hill city also has great offerings of adrenaline with its paragliding experiences. Flying above Solang Valley would be an experience that you will remember.

What is your preference among these three? Of course, all three have different experiences and must be tried once in a lifetime. If you are an adventure seeker, then all these activities may be your pleasure of choice. So, worry not and get ready for the amazing scenic flight without prior skills or training.


Hang gliding, paragliding, and parasailing provide different methods of getting airborne in the adventure world. If you want to get the adrenaline high, hang gliding is for you, or paragliding for the one who wants a landscape view, whereas parasailing gives you such a nice cold shower! Explore the beauty of the sky with Hapy Aviation. Follow the adventure with our trusted operators and best practices as you explore the exhilarating world of thrills from going downhill, flying high, and gliding to delight you from above at any angle.

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